We take part in and commit to every step of the evolution process towards the digitalization of a business.


We build fully customized and exclusive software. From the initial idea, its requirements and technical specifications, to the development, implementation and maintenance of applications. Our high level of specialization allows us to offer reliable solutions with an outstanding performance and scalable qualities.

  • Management
  • Architecture
  • Analysis
  • Programming
  • Testing

UI/UX Design

We create graphic interfaces by combining creativity, usability and new technologies. We are focused on attaining a dynamic experience between the user and the application, exceeding expectations and goals. In addition, we have expertise in branding, digital marketing and social media.

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • UI Coding
  • Branding
  • Social media


We generate innovative technological strategies and we stay with our clients throughout the transformation process, creating value in the processes —from the initial idea to its implementation and optimization. We seek to match strategic planning with organizational goals through a digital strategy.

  • Audit
  • Reengineering
  • Migration
  • Implementation
  • Optimization

Possible business models

Cost-plus model

Recommended for large-scale projects where a deadline is not set due to the need for constant updates, add-ons and modifications. Thanks to the Agile methodology, we can offer periodic deliveries and an ongoing analysis of requirements to keep an optimized development. We keep detailed hour and task records which the client has access to at all times, keeping them up to speed with full transparency.

Turnkey model

The team makes an estimation of hours and tasks based on the scope agreed on with the client. This allows us to know the amount of time and resources the project will require and the project’s final cost in advance, without any subsequent additional charge. Tasks are displayed on Gantt charts, which allows us to know the exact delivery date.

Dynamic methodologies in our projects

We work collaboratively and we consider our clients as part of the team.
We periodically make partial deliveries —the product grows effectively together with the development of requirements and priorities determined in the best interest of the project’s recipient.

Some of the languages we speak...